Caring By Serving

The Christ Cares Clinic is staffed by volunteer medical professionals. Volunteers include physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician’s assistants and other licensed medical professionals that volunteer one or two evenings a month. We also have medical specialists who see our patients for referrals outside of clinic hours.  

Currently, we are not seeking any additional medical volunteers. But this page will be updated immediately if we require additional staffing in which future volunteers will be asked to click on the link below to fill out the Volunteer Information forms. Letters of reference as well as fingerprinting and background checks are required for all clinic volunteers. We believe that serving at Christ Cares Clinic is an amazing way to use the gifts that God has given you to minister to those in need outside of your regular practice.
Even if you are not a medical professional, we still need your help! Volunteer office assistants are needed to assist the medical staff during clinic hours. We also need help with Christ Cares Clinic Serve Day which occurs at 8:30 AM the second Saturday of every month in which we serve God  by cleaning, organizing, and sprucing up the clinic and its property. If you are still unable to serve in any of these above ways, we ask you to be a prayer warrior. Please pray daily for our patients, our healthcare providers, our other volunteers, our leaders, our partners, our donors as well as our ministry at large.